SOL#28:When I got a new bike

It was a Monday March 11 2019.
My Birthday! I came back from school my mom went to pick me up from the bus stop 🚏. Then I went in the backyard and their was a hot pink bike with a bow I was like is it mine my mom said yeah! You like it I said yes. I was surprised! I went in front to try it out it felt cool.
Thank you Mom and Dad for the bike!


It was this day my friend A.G came to my house and she’s brought her American Girl doll Car we were playing with that car and then me and A.G went to tell my mom if we coulded eat chips she said “yeah” we put some in a plate then we went to my room and we were playing and we notice that the car moved we both said that is weird. Then we finish are chips and the car
We both screamed ahh! What was that. Then we went to the living room is was better there. In my room it was a little creepy.


SOL#26:One Little Word

One little word


One little word is a challenge that you have to choose a one word for the rest of the year or your life and you need to carry it everyday on your life that’s what the one little word challenge is.


My word is believe, I decided to pick believe because I want to go throughout the year that I could carry believe everyday that I could believe that I could grow more I need to believe on myself that I could believe every single day that I don’t have to be scared to believe.

The definition of believe is to be sure that it’s the righ thing. That you need to have faith in yourself.

This word is important to me because sometimes I don’t believe on myself I think I could not do it.


Now that everyday I have to carry the word believe I am not going to be scared to do something new I am going to think and try my best to believe on myself.

SOL#25:Day my little brother got lost at Walmart

It was this day we went to Walmart and we were buying pampers and wipes for my little brother. My brother was running around my mom said to not run away or your going to get lost,my brother didn’t even heard he kept running until……….he got lost! Me and my mom were looking for him I went to the clothes section and my mom went to the toys section not there he was. Next I went to the food section there was a lot of people I didn’t know were to go he was not there but I didn’t look good, I called my mom I told her “had you find him” she said “NO”. I then thought to myself were would he go what those he like if he’s not in the toys section or the baby section. 💡 I have a idea we’re he could be in the yogurt section I went running there he was there he was standing crying there I went to him and Carried him and hug him. I called my mom and told her “I found my little brother she was like I’m going we’re are you guys “I said were the yogurts are” she hung up. She came and told my little brother why did you run away my baby my brother was just crying.

Now he knows not to run away!

SOL#24:Mom charger

Today my mom went to get a charger then we got home and my brother was using my mom’s phone while it was charging and my little brother pulled out the charger a wrong way and the top of the charger was stuck! My mom called my name BRENDA bring me the thing to get out your eyebrows she tried to pull it out with that and it did work. My mom was like ugh phew 😅.


Today I will have a short blog
My family is the best thing I ever have their the best. They always support me and help me when I’m sick or sad 😔. They love me. Family is always fun to spend time with.